Uploading A Video

Getting your lyric video to the people is very easy and straight & forward with Zalyri. The few steps below should set you up real quick.

Create A User Account

First of all, you need to create a user account. It will help you to submit channels, submit videos and organize your content.

The fields are common ones, username, email and password. After filling in the required fields, the video submission form will now appear on your screen.

So, before you can upload a video, you must first submit a video channel, it is the one that is going to house all your submitted videos.

Submit a Video Channel

All the videos you submit are uploaded to your channel(s) so after registration you must then set up your channel here

The following fields must be successfully filled;

Channel Name (This is the name of your Channel, the home of your videos on Zalyri)

Cover Image (Upload your logo here too. The cover image is used to identify your channel in listing across the website )

Logo (Your Channel’s profile picture)

Channel Banner ( Your channel’s background image, just like the one you are used to at Facebook or YouTube)

Channel Description ( Your channel’s about section. Use this section to describe your channel or the kind of content you share here)

Submit A Video

Videos you submit here are uploaded to you channel(s) and the following fields must be successfully filled;

Video Title (The name of your video, in most cases it is the song name)

Video Thumbnail ( Upload an image that will represent your video across the website. A cover art should be enough)

YouTube Video URL (If you are uploading your video from YouTube, paste the link here, so that the video is automatically uploaded)

Video File (If you are uploading a video from your computer or phone, select it here. Please note that the maximum upload size is 50Mb. So if your video is larger than this, consider uploading it to YouTube first and then share the link above)

Genre (Select the genre of your lyric video here. You may select multiple if your song cuts across a couple of genres)

Select Your Channel (Select your channel in the drop down. This is where your video will find a home)

Now click on the green ‘submit video’ button and after a successful upload, a pop up message will appear.

You video will now appear on your channel and across the website. Invite your friends, fans and get those views.

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